The Lodge at Castleford is a specialist Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre offering slow stream rehabilitation to people who have suffered a brain injury. The unit sits in beautiful hilltop grounds just outside of Chepstow.


Our slow stream rehabilitation service always keeps our principle aim in mind: to allow people the time they require to achieve their goals and increase their independence. Most of the clients who come to us will have already have had an acute period of rehabilitation, and to maintain the progress made they will require time to develop in a diverse range of settings. Often this consolidation period is when gains are slow and compromised by cognitive, motivational and behavioural issues.


At Milkwood Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre we understand that every client’s situation is different, and we work hard to ensure that each person receives a tailored, flexible and individual care pathway, embracing their social psychological and recreational needs. Here we set long term goals alongside shorter term targets, which look to maximise the quality of life and fulfilling potential. Our clients are supported in improving the quality of their lives by a combination of re-learning previously acquired skills, acquiring new skills or by enhancing their well-being. We acknowledge that for some the ability of contributing towards, say, the preparation of a meal for others could be a significant achievement.


The Lodge provides a homely environment with the empasis on social interaction, and activities to stimulate the mind and body. Our highly professional, enthusiastic rehabilitation support workers are there to meet our client’s needs. All are qualified to QFCIII and have all had accredited Brain Injury Training. The layout of the building promotes the opportunity for increasing independence. Each of the nine rooms are specifically designed to allow our clients to live a comfortable life in their own space. Communal spaces include a large kitchen, lounge and quiet room. The rooms open out to a wheelchair friendly garden and patio.


Local based activities include shopping, college, sports centres and days out, again aimed at the client’s interests and hobbies. The home has a mini-bus, and all activities are aimed at bridging the gap between acute rehabilitation and integration into the  community.


After a two week adjustment period, our team will access the client and prepare a care package, which is reviewed regularly. Our clients and their families can expect a real influence on what matters to them, and clear information on progress. Our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre works in tandem with Dr Louise Russell, consultant neuro-psychologist and her team from the Brain Injury Unit at RNHRD in Bath.