Our Promise to You

  • We want residents and their relatives to choose our elderly nursing ┬áhomes because it suits them and will meet their needs.
  • We want the place to be safe, sociable, comfortable and healthy to live in.
  • Residents can expect privacy and respect.
  • We want the life of the home to be interesting and enjoyable; we want the place to be open and welcoming to visitors, and residents will have control over their own lives.
  • There will be good food that’s nourishing in every sense.
  • If something goes wrong we’ll put it right.
  • Residents will have the same civil rights as the rest of us and we’ll encourage them to exercise them.
  • We want the place to look good, to be clean, the equipment to work, the garden be attractive and easily accessible.
  • We want residents, to have a room that suits them, with things in it that make life convenient, comfortable and pleasing.
  • There will be sufficient staff and their attitudes, experience, skills and competence will meet the residents’ needs for social and physical care and for safety.
  • The homes will be run for the benefit of the residents; that is our prime purpose.

Our home is your home…

Our elderly nursing homes are in quiet, tranquil, yet accessible locations, offering the perfect balance of security and privacy with local facilities and easy visiting. We’re very proud of our gardens and grounds., which residents and their visitors are free to use at any time. We also pride ourselves on creating a friendly, sociable atmosphere with a range of activities and entertainment. Our communal lounges are comfortably furnished and equipped with televisions, DVD players and hi-fi, and every home offers a full social programme that residents can join in with as and when they wish.


All rooms, many of which are ensuite, have a television point and cordless telephone, and we encourage residents to make their room their own. We’re also happy to discuss the possibility of keeping pets. With passenger and stair lifts, specialist bathrooms and numerous toilets, all our residential care homes are suitable for wheelchair users and those with other special needs.


But while the fabric of our buildings is important, it’s our people who really make them feel like home. We’ve developed teams of fully-trained highly motivated professionals, dedicated to meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of the residents in their care 24 hours a day. They’re supported by local doctors, nurses chiropodists, hairdressers, opticians and dentists, with visiting clergy offering additional pastoral care. We’ve long recognised the vital importance of a varied and balanced diet in promoting health and well-being, so all our meals are freshly prepared by experienced chefs, using local ingredients whenever possible.


Above all, we aim to provide a personal, caring environment, where everything is done for the benefit of residents. Because we never forget whose home this really is.