What an inspiration and privilege it has been to observe the quality of thought and care that the staff at Ganarew House

I feel almost inclined to book my place there!

I have always been in awe of everyone’s patience and kindness for all at Ganarew.

We, more often than not, would call in unannounced, and without exception, we found Pa to be well groomed, well dressed, comfortable and clean and tidy.

Even in the last months, when he was bed ridden, Pa’s bed linen was always sparkling clean and pressed and smart – as was he.

Congratulations to yourselves for such a wonderful service. Such lovely staff as well as providing excellent surroundings to people in their autumn years.

Madeleine and the team were so caring, sympathetic and helpful. Too often we read about the bad side of care homes, we would like to say how pleased we were with Castleford.

‘Thankyou’ seems such a small and insignificant phrase when trying to express my thanks to you all at Ganarew.

From the first time that I met you all, and watched the girls as they changed shifts that evening, I just knew that Ganarew was so the right place for Pat.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support they gave our family. Everyone made us feel that Ganarew was ‘our home’ too.